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    Looking for open source panel recommendations

    Bit of a strange situation here as I'm investigating panel software to help manage my servers at work. So I'm not in the hosting business but at times it feels like I am!

    My requirements are:

    - open source
    - linux based (Centos/Fedora)
    - ability to create apache virtual sites, aiases, locations etc
    - configure access to apache locations on a per user basis
    - I have an LDAP database of user I want to authenticate against
    - configure proftpd, create and manage multiple ftp directories
    - authorise proftpd access on a per user/per directory basis (each user has different or no access for each directory)
    - would love a magic installer for things like Drupal and Trac!
    - easy to install and manage
    - ability to manage multiple servers from one location would be nice
    - extendable so I could write plugins if need be
    - php or python based
    - manage domains
    - create/delete/manage mysql & postgresql databases

    I'm playing with webmin and it's an amazing product but the interface is somewhat cryptic at times.

    Any recommendations?

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    The list of free software panels available has been listed here many times, and are easy to find.

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    I've looked into numerous products already, but I'll look for the list. I was hoping someone could point one out that I've missed or isn't quite as well known.

    Thanks - Pixellent Interactive

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    Have you tried the tiger theme for webmin. I think it has a better layout and is a little easier to understand.

    You also might want to try adding virtualmin to you webmin it is used for virtual hosting.
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