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    Question Game Host - Starter!

    Hi there guys, I am not currently in the Game hosting business, I host websites, but I design CSS mods.

    So far, I have developed 16 MODS, such as WOW mods, COD4/COD5 mods and various others for people which I sell on to people with 1 licence for them to use and is going quite well. And now I would like to set up an online community, with various games over, And try and incorperate adverts on these games such as on the walls, floors and sky on the 'Maps' or the loading of the game.

    How would I go about starting all of this this? I have all the software but I dont know where to go to start.

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    That's kind of a broad question, but as far as infrastructure . . .

    First thing is to learn how to administer the game servers you plan on running. There are any number of forums that can help. If you plan on maintaining more than a few game servers, it will be helpful to recruit admins you can trust.

    Secondly, it sounds like you might want a dedicated server or place to co-locate. Its best to find a provider that uses high-quality bandwidth if you're hosting game servers. You generally get what you pay for.

    If you plan on being in it for the long run, co-location will likely end up being less expensive. Of course, the up front cost is much higher.

    As far as the website, I recommend hosting that separately, i.e. on a shared or VPS account.

    Good luck, online communities can be tough to start.

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    ^ Core pretty much covered the infrastructure part of it - I just want to give you my experience with online communities.

    Start small, don't get too ahead of yourself. Try to find some trusty people that you can trust and bring them onto your administration staff - have them possibly donate as well if money is an issue? I wouldn't recommend jumping into a dedicated server or co-location, unless as I stated, money isn't an issue and you want to start off your community that way. This could save you in the future from having to switch IPs due to a bad host, and you also have full control of all of your servers.

    Maybe if you gave some more information on what your situation is, we can add some more suggestions for you
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