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    Live chat software for sales with branding


    To mobilize funds we have decided to sell our live chat software miOOt as a product with branding and you can sell the live chat program on your own brand name. We will provide technical support and future product development/ enhancements .

    Key Advantages for you are.

    1. Your are running a critical 24X7 hrs customer support and they can handle the Live chat customers also.
    2. As a web hoster, you have all the hardware to run this business.
    3. Existing customer base is a added advantage.
    6. Unlike hosting , we have only 20 + global competitors.
    7. Minimum investment for product development and enhancements .

    Please PM for more details.

    Thank you .
    miOOt Chat Solutions
    live chat Software for web hosting Customer Service
    Importance of Live Chat Software for Web Hosting Business

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    What is the price of the software?
    If i wanted to sell it on say to clients for a monthly fee does the software come with any licensing feature so if a client dont pay the license can be suspended..

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