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    Netrillium and my domain?

    I used to register my domain years ago, and I've been very happy with them ever since, I've never had a problem renewing or anything. This year I realize that I forgot to renew my domain, but I did that last year as well and it wasn't a problem to fix.

    However, since last year Netrillium has been acquired by, and I'm unable to log in and renew my domain. On Aug 11 I submit a support ticket for help and get no response. Today (Aug 13) I emailed again and am still waiting for a response. There is no phone number on Axishost's website for me to call. I checked the WHOIS information and it still shows Netrillium's information. I tried calling the phone number listed in the WHOIS -- surprise surprise, it's not real, it goes to some guys named Peter and David or something.

    At this point I've submitted two support tickets, I've emailed two other email addresses, I feel like I've exhausted my options and am still receiving no response. It looks like Netrillium was a reseller of eNom, is there a chance that I can contact them for help?

    Does anybody have any idea how I should proceed from here? Should I just wait to renew next year? How do I make sure I can renew as soon as their time is up?

    Any response would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I show 2 tickets that were handled by Josh - and that your domain name was renewed yesterday. The problem with your first ticket is that it was not moved, by one of our techs, to the correct department. The second ticket was, in fact, handled almost immediately. Sincerest apologies.

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