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    I could use a little help with configuration

    I ordered a CheapVPS US Xen VPS on a recommendation of a friend and didn't have it set up right away because the Xen space wasn't open. Since it wasn't set up right away they offered to change my VPS to an OpenVZ VPS but after I received an answer to a question I asked and agreed to the switch they told me my space was available. I never found out if it was the OpenVZ or Xen setup even after asking a question on their setup.

    Right now I'm having trouble associating my domain (somethingrandom[dot]net) to my VPS (IP: I have my private nameservers registered on namecheap and my hostname set up in my VPS (OS: Centos 5.3) to vps[dot]somethingrandom[dot]net.

    I changed it to that with the hostname command and edited /etc/sysinfo/network.

    Quote Originally Posted by /etc/sysinfo/network
    Let me say after I registered my private nameservers somethingrandom[dot]net worked temporarily (but www[dot]somethingrandom[dot]net did not) not to long after it just stopped working.

    Everything on their knowledge base refers to cPanel or WHM but I didn't purchase a cPanel license so I won't have access to a WHM (unless it's free). I'm not quite sure how they expect my to reload my OS or whatever. On the CheapVPS website they say HyperVM is set up with every vps (I've read that it's associated with OpenVZ but idk) but when I tried to go to port 8887/8888 on my ip it didn't turn up anything.

    Please help this nubkin set things straight. I haven't had my domains or webhosting set up in quite some time and I had had a shared host before (DreamHost). I'm fine with a VPS but I obviously lack the knowledge or customer support to do the initial set up.

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    You need to create a A record in your DNS zone for that name. IN A IN A

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    You need to create a A record in your DNS zone for that name. You can do something like this.

    Code: IN A IN A

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    Thanks, that enables me to set up my domain for the site but with my VPS am I only going to be able to host one site with my single IP or is it possible to do more?

    Registering private nameservers for my domain at Namecheap and then associating the domain with those nameservers (pointed at itself though) obviously didn't work. With the A Record it points to my /var/www/html directory instead of /var/www/html/, is this typical? Also the www subdomain points to an empty index page making an inconsistency without it.

    I appreciate your support.
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    An A record is for DNS.

    If you want the A records to point to /var/www/html/ you will need to setup a VirtualHost. Here is an example virtual host

    <VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin [email protected]
    DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/"
    ErrorLog "/var/www/html/logs/"
    CustomLog "/var/www/html/logs/" common

    Hope that helps

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    What I was doing before was setting up with NameCheap to point ns1[dot] to my IP then I was pointing my domain towards that NS. Like I said previously, this set up worked fine...for a little bit and then requests to the site would time out. What I switched it to after reading your other post was switching to NameCheap's nameservers and just setting up an A record for my ip. I'll run with what you said though.

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    Btw VaServ is still working on their control panel and doesn't have an alternative up since that HyperVM exploit so I don't have access to change the zone through there.

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    The correct setup is what HDNP-Eric said. I would use cname entry for www, but that's just a matter of taste mainly. Eric's setup for virtual servers is Apache specific, so you could check that you're running an apache (most common I'd say). persoanlly prefer lighttpd over apache webserver and the config there is a bit different. But yes, setting up virtual hosts would probably be the best alternative.

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