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    * I dont understand

    I dont understand that, what should i do with that?

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    You got me stumped, I don't understand this at all!!!

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    what is it you dont understand Miles?
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    Next time, click "Post Reply", not "New thread"

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    Oh lol sorry i posted but i need help with PHP, lets say i wanted to have my latest updates scroll in a marquee in a table. Now i know the code for the marquee but how do i get it to display the news in php. And also how do i get it to even compile the news..and is there a type of this for newbies that you could send me?

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    Try something like this:

    <MARQUEE ....><? include("news-file.dat"); ?></MARQUEE>

    And then make a script that writes to that file (news-file.dat), with info from a form, I've done it, it's really simple.
    Sorry I can't say any more, I'm in a rush.

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    Info from a form? I dont understand that part

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    He's saying to dynamically update it.
    You login to a backend, add the news, hit submit and it will automtically add the news bit to the .dat file.

    Or that's how I read it anyway.

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