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    Question about RAID Controllers?

    I wasn't really sure where I could ask this question, but it seems there are a lot of knowledgeable people on this board, and this is probably a simple question for those of you who are used to server-class computing.

    Ive recently won a lot of Compaq Enterprise class SCSI Ultra3 drives on the 'bay.. they are going to replace some HP drives that i've had in a RAID1 setup for my small business for 10 years.

    The problem is the drives are the 80 pin version.

    I cannot for the life of me find a RAID controller for 80 PIN SCSI that fits in a standard 32-bit PCI slot.

    Do they even exist? every controller I find uses the PCI-X 64 bit slot.. which i've found is only on server-class motherboards.

    I may be doomed to buying those 68pin to 80pin converter thingies, and using my ancient HP Netraid 1si card longer.. I was really hoping to upgrade the card to an ULTRA3 version for a little boost in bandwidth.

    Do i have any hope at all of finding one?

    Thanks for your time!

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    Welcome to WHT. I've moved this thread to Tech & Security Issues, where someone may be able to help you.

    Do you have a WHT question or concern? Please open a helpdesk ticket.

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    Something to keep in mind is that most PCI-X cards will still work in 32-bit slots. It just won't have the full bandwidth available.
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    indeed - PCI-X (not PCIe) is back compatible with the PCI bus, so it might still be worth giving that a shot
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