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    OnlineNIC - No longer my registrar

    So, I have been with OnlineNIC for a very long time, and I have a great number of domains with them, and I have only canceled ONE domain in the past, I have asked them for a refund on a domain.

    What happened was, some random guest, saw my hosting company, and got them impression that we were an actual registrar, so he registered a domain. Somehow, he accidentally paid 1 year upfront for a $10/mo plan, so he paid $120, and got the domain free, then sent a ticket saying he didn't mean to purchase a domain, just meant to get a free domain, once I terminated his account, I let him know he needs to pay $9 for the domain, he said nevermind, he doesn't want it. I then tried to delete the domain through OnlineNIC, and it said it was past the time limit I have to terminate domains... It was 30 minutes after it was registered. So I sent an email to OnlineNIC support, explaining this, it then generated a ticket to their support system.

    Dear Customer,

    Thanks for contacting OnlineNIC!

    Please pay attention to the relevant policy set forth in the registration page, it says, "Part of new registrations may be deleted for credit during the 3 day add grace period. The number of grace deletes is related to the volume of new registrations. It should be 6% of the net new registrations. For example, if the new registrations in that month is X, and the deletes number is Y, and Y must no more than (X-Y)*6%. That is if you register 18 domains, you can only delete 1 domain, and if you can delete 2, you must register at least 36 domains." Hope you could understand, thank you.

    Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
    1) Everything is done via API, thus, I don't read the registration page
    2) I never got an email about it

    I sent them an email back, saying how they are the only registrar I have ever heard of that has this limit, most of them allow 2 or 3 days before they dont allow refunds, Godaddy has waited as long as a week and still refunded the domain. I explained how upset I was, and how I would be transferring each domain to my new ENOM account, as they all expire.

    I then went to view my status on the ticket.

    This is what I get.
    Fatal error: ERROR: You do not have access to this Ticket. in /var/htdocs/onlinenic/modules/tickets/client_tickets.php on line 168
    Same for all other tickets from that email.

    So, apparently, if you tell OnlineNIC you are upset with them, then you forfeit any support they provide.

    I hear great things about ENOM, I look forward to working with them.


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    I think enom has stopped refunding for domains registered in error so you might want to check on that first.
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    I am also looking for registrar who offer API.

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    This isn't a reason to no longer utilize OnlineNIC. This practice, better known as domain-tasting has been kicked around the net landscape for quite awhile.

    If OnlineNIC previously permitted it it's good that they no longer do. Theres too many low ticket domain sales to justify which domains were purchased by accident vs ones that were just being tasted.

    There are several other better reasons to no longer utilize OnlineNIC then this one
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    What OnlineNIC are doing is actuallly what the TLD registries is forcing down upon every registrar.. however that percentage might be slightly higher than 6%.. Im not sure about Enom but there are other reseller focused API registrars out there that still allow you to delete a domain name in the add grace period, and offer a refund..

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    Taking into account that there are many good alternatives available at the market, so if you are not satisfied with experience, it will be not a problem for you to find another one.

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    After talking to Onlinenic for a bit, here is what happened.

    They are simply following the Updated ICANN AGP Policy in an attempt to control the bad-faith registration.

    I made a mistake by not looking into this more, and just blasted an email off about their bad customer support, and never brought up their good customer support.

    I have sent in multiple support tickets before, all have been handled professionally and with good customer service, I was just taken off guard when they presented such a policy, at the time it seemed idiotic, but now it seems understandable. After being with them for a few years, I have been pretty happy with the service

    Quote Originally Posted by dotflyer View Post
    I am also looking for registrar who offer API.
    Try OnlineNIC out, see if you like them, if not, then try someone else. Reason I didnt go to Enom yet is they require a $200 upfront deposit, which is understandable, however Onlinenic only required like $75-$100 when I signed up, so id try them out if I were you.


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