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    Hi capacity inter site links

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope someone can help me here. I am the system manager for our country wide network. We have just sunk about $350,000 into our core DC revamp (Power, cooling, storage etc) and a new issue has suddenly appeared (doesn't it always)

    I have been asked to link 2 main DCs together. They are approx .75 miles apart. At the moment they are connected via a LES 100 circuit. We already have several hundred MBits capacity to other sites, but for the amount required we think leased is not a reasonable solution.

    A lot of moves are happening so we need to up the link. Looking at having private fibre installed is coming with an install price tag of $120,000 plus 7-10% maintainance fee.

    I am therefore looking at Microwave/LOS systems and was wondering what type of capacity could be achieved through these systems. Google didn't really provide much hard data.

    I have no knowledge ATM of these systems. It is just a basic question as to if it is practical or not. Ideally half a GBit would be ideal if it could be delivered at a reasonable cost.

    Also what is the latency affect of Wireless on a LAN network.

    What type of cost are we looking at ?

    Any ideas/advice would be great.


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    Sadly your a bit to short, but maybe with truwave fiber.. depending on the quality of fiber you could ALMOST use 10G ZR optics to reach. Would do (50M) 80km distance. If you could go that route that would be the cheapest for that distance. 75m is a hell of a distance though for those optics.

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    Is it "approx. 75 miles" or "approx .75 miles" (3/4 of a mile)? Big difference

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    A properly designed and engineered licensed wireless link can deliver the speeds you are talking about. I'd recommend working with a vendor or integrator who can set it up all for you, would be a lot cheaper than the fiber option assuming you can get the required line of sight.

    Take a look at, and plenty of other results when you google for "gigabit microwave"
    Tranquil Hosting

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