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    [WTS] $250 ExpressionEngine Commercial, Forums, MultiSite Manager, Photo Gallery...

    Selling ExpressionEngine CMS scripts that includes Forum, Wiki, Photo Gallery, Tag and Better Meta Module (Commercial License)
    Price : USD $250
    version : 1.6.8
    Payment Method : PayPal, MoneyBookers, ActivePay
    My email : [email protected] dot us
    My MSN : spaceman440 at yahoo dot com

    Hello -

    I am selling my ExpressionEngine license because I need the cash. This has TRUE FORUM AND CMS integration, better than vBulletin and IPB. Plus you can run 3 sites with 3 forums on one installation. Truly great CMS software.

    I would like to sell my

    ExpressionEngine Commercial License(original price $249)
    Multiple Site Manager (run 3 sites off one ExpressionEngine install (orig. price $199))
    Discussion Forum Module (Commercial Lic. Oric $99.95)
    Solspace Tag Module (orig $39.95) (for tagging pages)
    LG Better Meta (orig price $39.95) (better control of meta tags)

    I would like to sell all this for $250. Price is negotiable...

    Linked is proof of ownership and that the licenses are current (I can provide LG Better Meta upon request, it is current)

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    ExpressionEngine License

    I am a Newbie (living in India) who likes to learn and work on everything I touch -- including electrical, mechanical, (spiritual!!!), and PC DIY. I am past my prime and my ambition now is to help those in need. In this context, I propose to provide free websites for many Temples and Voluntary Organisations in India that languish for want of publicity and funds.
    In the light of the above, I try to secure special prices on Hosting and Software to save as much as I can to get this effort moving. No offense intended, but what would you accept as the Most Special(!!) Price for this Bundle?
    Please advise.

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    I'd be interested in your ExpressionEngine license...

    ...if it's transferable and I can budget it since I need to add 1-2 extra-site licenses, too.

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    Do you have demo where can i see it works?


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