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    Anyone any thoughts please?

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    First thoughts: What resolution is it optimized for? I have 1024x768 and it seems to be wider than that.

    It seems all too "big" and just filling up pages. I would move the blog link to the nav bar at the top.

    Firefox shows up the page smaller with more horiz. scroll bar. Opera 9.6x shows the 4 boxes different sizes.

    A screen glitch on when I view in Opera. The java applet shows the url text in the moddle of the applet. Prolly a java issue.

    Interesting concept with the white noise TV.

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    Thanks, I'll check it out in Opera, that's one thats not been on my list so far, to be honest!

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    it's growing in the arty community becasue it has a brilliant companion Opera Mini and its the leader.
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    header looks great
    not to sure about the rest of the layout

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    website review

    Is this a flash based site!looks new and bg is nice!

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    1. Your page content text is different from page to page. Some pages have white bold text and others have regular blue text, and they are different font faces too. And font size is all over the place. Then on T&C page, you have blue headers and black text. I would strive for site wide consistency.

    2. Not crazy about the font face on the FAQ page. Difficult to read, almost annoying. IMO, make all body text something like Tahoma or Verdana throughout the site. The font you use in the top right menu looks good, so match that. Personally, I would make all body text blue. The white is just too difficult to read.

    3. The font in your Overlay logo is a bit off. I would redesign the logo if possible.

    4. Your page width is all over the place. Some pages are narrow, others are wide. Again, strive for overall site consistency. Makes for a much more pleasant experience for the visitor.

    5. 3 of the 4 boxes on the home page are hyperlinked, but the VPN one is not.

    6. Where are your calls to action throughout the site?? The only place somebody can click to sign up is the Sign Up link in the top nav bar. You NEED to add far more links to the various pages to get the visitor to click to sign up. Basically, you need to "lead" them towards the order page. Do not rely on them to find the sign up link in the nav bar. You must offer them multiple opportunities to do so, otherwise you will have very low conversion rate.

    7. Overall, the site just looks unprofessional. Just too many inconsistencies throughout. You need to tighten it up design wise and marketing wise in order to maximize the traffic you receive.

    Good luck with your venture.

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    Those are some really good tips, thanks for a useful critique - i'll certainly take them onboard and make some changes.

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