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    Technology News Site For Sale - PR5, 120k Uniques, 1600mo

    January was the first month that the site was made available to the public, with a couple hundred articles already written on it I made $121 for that month. In February the income more than doubled to $240 and I saw $240 again in March. Revenue went down in April a bit because I was out of town for 10 days and was unable to generate new articles during that time. In May the site doubled again to $407 and then in June I hit an all time high of $1658. In July, I had to severely cut back on the time that I spend on the web site due to a new book that I am working on that is currently taking all of my attention and extra time. Because of this July revenues were only $300.

    The site performance illustrates that revenues can increase and reach amazing profits! All it takes is a little time to write articles and posting of news or have someone else do it for you. As part of our custom CMS we have a payment and reward system where we can pay posters of great quality articles.

    Just like the revenue information, the traffic patterns are exactly the same. With July ending with over 120,000 unique visitors for the month and 150,000 pageviews.

    We've been seen on Slashdot MANY times along with other major media outlets. We provide a news source to the Amazon Kindle, Google News, Yahoo News, and Overture.

    The primary reason for selling is so that I can spend 100% of my time writing my book, which is actually based on SEO, site design, and marketing.

    With the sale of the web site you will gain access to the custom CMS that runs the web site which is really a work of art. The time that was taken to make sure the site performs well under stress (during slashdot events or other high traffic sources) is something that every webmaster will find desirable. The security of the CMS is also top-notch, ranking better than many of the other CMS on the market today.

    We have a twitter page setup @techfragments where we have over 400 followers currently. We haven't really been marketing the feed, you'll probably not even find it mentioned on the web site at all but some how users keep finding us and we have the CMS setup to automatically post our news to the twitter feed.

    You will also gain access to our news email database which houses some very high quality email addresses that we send our top stories to and in return web masters post on their web site.

    Pagerank for most of the pages are Pr5 and there are some PR4's. The page rank just recently became reflected, so I suspect the next PR update the homepage could possibly become a PR6.

    According to Google Webmaster tools, we have over 2,600 incoming links being reported.

    If you have any questions, please let me know. Please make offer.


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    what are you selling it for? what would u like to get? would you sell the site for 6 months revenue?
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    I'll entertain any serious offer. No, I would want more than six months worth of revenue. If that's all I could get, I'll just hire someone to run it and keep it.

    I would like to get somewhere close to the valuation that provides. This site also doesn't take in account for the many PR5 pages that I have. It is only basing the valuation on the homepage PR which is just at a PR4 currently.

    I can PM you traffic, revenue, etc if you would like to look further.

    100% of the revenue stream comes from Google Adsense. I haven't ventured off to doing any direct advertising sales, highlight keyword ads (in-text/in-link ads) or anything of that nature. I just reviewed an Eye-Fi Pro 4GB Wireless card and I'm sure this company would be interested in advertising along with many other contacts that I have of hardware and software manufactures.

    44% of my all time traffic comes from search engines and in the last three months (as our rankings have improved) 52% of the traffic comes from search engines. As you can tell, we really have the site optimized for search engines and the content really is our driving force of traffic. For those that dont come from search engines, we are found on social networking sites, hundreds of blogs and network news sites across the web. We have 25,000 rank on ( and have a 105 Authority.

    Of our top 30 keywords, we have 13 of them at the #1 rank in Google, the average rank is 3 and the lowest rank is 8. (I'll provide you guys this screenshot as well)

    Also, after the site is sold I will provide you up to 30 days of free support to get you underway. I'm not going to sell you the site and drop it in your lap and hope you can figure it out. I will guide you through the process day by day if you desire and show you how I have ran it thus far.

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    All, I have decided to auction the web site off! Head over to the auction site to place your bid with very low reserve!

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