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    [Review] HostV VPS

    I was having a rough time with Dreamhost so transferred over a small site to a HostV VPS. It has only been a few days, but in my opinion the first few days with any host are some of the most important so I will post a quick review.

    Customer Service:

    I'll be completely honest here, there general support is lacking and relatively slow/unhelpful. Now, this could very well be because I am inexperienced so I will not fault them too much: I just haven't been impressed. When I first purchased the package I was at home and a violent storm began rolling through as I was finalizing the purchase, the problem then came when my power began to "brown out" and my internet connection became shotty. I ended up ordering two packages on accident which caused quite a few problems on their end. They first removed the duplicate package, then began migration which took about 35 hours total (again, I'm sure this was partly due to my duplicate order). There were problems with the domain I registered with them and a myriad of other small problems. The support staff was pretty unhelpful, slow to respond, and confusing. It wasn't until I messaged john (Cirtex) on the forum that things got done. Once I told him my problems things were squared away almost immediately and he was very helpful. So, if you have a problem with Cirtex and the general support isn't doing it for you I would definitely suggest e-mailing John.

    Support Overall: 6/10 (Would be worse had it not been for John's quick action)


    I have had 100% uptime and reasonable (by no means great) load times since migrating. FTP upload/download is sufficient and gets the work done quickly. Obviously I will need more time to see if their service quality lasts.

    Service Overall: 8/10 (Load times could be quicker)


    With the 50% promotion the price is amazing. For $240/year I got a VPS will all the specs I need and then some + a free domain name. Fantastic.

    Price Overall: 10/10


    It was rough the first few days and without John's help I would surely be posting a much harsher review. But I am very new to VPS so I'm sure I made their jobs more difficult than they needed to be, so they handled that well.

    7.5 (or 8) /10
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    Glad to see you're doing well so far with us. I appreciate your feedback and definitely we have many areas to look into improving still with our backend system and process for migrations, order forms etc..which have caused delay to you during the first few days trying to get setup.

    In your case there were definitely few small issues with the order/duplicate domains which caused delays on top of the migration being piled up from weekends for your migration and domain custom dns setup. However after this initial setup, things should be much smoother from now on I promise

    Note that your package is on HOSTV VPS so it's managed, if you have any issues don't hesitate to contact us.
    Thanks again for the well rounded review and just know we'll keep doing our best for our customers!

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    good feedback mate and nice to see a true feedback - honest one
    hope u have much better experience with ur host in future

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    Always great to see the positive reviews. Hope your experience will stay the same in the future also. So keep us updating the further.
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    Thanks for sharing your honest review. Hope you will get a good service from them in future also. Keep us updated again.

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    Don't bother with HostV

    I am a senior systems engineer with years experience in networking infrastructure design, implementation, and operations.

    My company has a client that has their site hosted on a HostV virtual server. I was given access to troubleshoot their site being extremely slow to load. The problem is that the physical server on which their VDS resides is to overloaded to allow the client to run a single simple apache/php site.

    I took a look at their site to see exactly how much CPU time they had dedicated to their VDS, and nothing was listed for CPU on their plans. I contacted their sales live chat and their sales rep could not even tell me how they manage their CPU time for their VDS clients.

    Take it from someone who has a lot of experience in the field, don't host with HostV unless you want downtime and poor performance from your VDS that is apparently maintained by people who don't even understand the technology they are selling.

    Needless to say, our client has had their assets relocated to another host (on a cheaper plan with less resources) and their customers are actually commenting on how much better their site loads.

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    Thumbs down My view

    I'm a new here and this is my first review , i have been with HostV for more than a year now , i used to have 2 VPS and now only one which is always down ,it still down since 7 Feb , the support was very very pooooooor , today i decided to find other provider and from the members reviews i pick up 2 ,WiredTree and HostDime , I just sign up with WiredTree and i will see for my self , i really don't like to leave a bad feedback even to the poor providers and try my best to give them time , I even asked to talk to their manager to solve the problem , but after waiting for a month i think it's more than fair to tell the members about my experience with this provider , maybe it just me who had a bad luck with them , but they relay need to deal with their customers complains before we have to go public.
    I still have 4 month left in my contract , but that's it

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