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    Social Networking site

    My site is new and currently with siteground shared hosting. What would be a faster solution vps or dedicated? My budget is 50/month. Target users are in Europe, Poland to be specific.

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    for $50/mo you're looking for a VPS solution but you'd also have to look at how much space and bandwidth you require before deciding where to stop for now. and usually the location of the web hosting server doesn't matter because the ping difference will be small and barely noticeable (unless you have very big image and video files that are loaded each time the page loads) - going east coast US or finding a server in UK would make things faster but not that noticeable unless the files hosted are huge.

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    well I recommend going with a EU host, and if you are serious about the social networking site you will need to take into consideration the amount of bandwidth and resources you are going to be using especially as your site grows, a site with 500+ users is no good for shared, and 2000+ probably requires a dedicated server. A host would kick you for using too much resources on shared hosting.

    My suggestion would be, start with a cheap VPS from somewhere reputable like VPS Link (very cheap, $50 would go a long way) and work your way up... Eventually though you would need a powerful dedicated server or possibly even multiple servers...

    Good luck

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    I read around the forum and I found this host Their prices seem very good. Would you guys recommend this host?

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    I don't know anything about exportal, but I will say this about social networking sites: be prepared to go to a dedicated if your site grows very fast. Not so much becuase of diskspace, but becuase of bandwidth.

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    What are your diskspace and bandwidth requirements? Does your site share videos?

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    If your site is new, shared hosting would suffice for the time being. Once you have several thousand members, it's probably time to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server. Bandwidth is a killer for social networking sites. I'd recommend you to start of with shared hosting in Europe.

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    Next logical step from shared hosting would be a VPS. if your site is crossing process limit of shared hosting
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    Next logical step from shared hosting would me a VPS. if your site is crossing process limit of shared hosting
    Did you read the thread?

    It is a new site on a Shared Hosting Account, The OP is seeing what the next solutions are for when his site grows or what's a faster solution.
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    A VPS would be the step up, or you could go with Semi-Dedicated if you don't want to manage the server.

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    I think it would risk with having shared hosting. You have pretty budget so
    better to go for VPS or Dedicated.
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  12. you can get a Dedicated server with good amount of bandwidth and storage per 50EUR at leaseweb and other NL based companies (they works very good)

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    The faster solution's would be dedicated servers.
    How ever for that budget the better and more suitable solution would be a VPS.
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