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    Laptop recommdations.

    I am planning to buy a new laptop... My budget seems to be around 1000 USD, can anyone recommend me some good brands and configs..

    My Usage

    1. Movies and songs.
    2. Games, not so high end. Example would be like Counter Strike.
    3. Programming [ usage of IDE like Flex Builder, eclipse etc ]

    Just to get more info and thoughts around here in WHT.


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    I'm using HP dv6 16" quite a really great products.
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    I am using dv8000 and quite satisfied with this. Also you can consider Dell. Both brands are good for laptops

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    What is your budget incase you have not chosen yet?
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    There are many laptops that would fit your needs. I think you should look for one with a dedicated graphics card if you are going to be gaming.
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    Google for: laptop brand, model number.
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    Dell XPS and Alienware are nice gaming laptops. For $1000 you can get a nice Dell XPS Studio, but also remember gaming generate a lot of heat on these laptops. You might have to use a laptop cooler when playing. As for the Alienware you have to up your budget if you plan on getting one of those bad boys...

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