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    ASP won't display

    Hello, not sure if this is the right place. I write html/css fluenlty and I thought it would be a good idea to learn ASP because it seems to be in demand at an increasing rate. I started learning yesterday and went through the steps of installing IIS on my Windows 7 RC and the service is start. I have just written a basic vbscript page and placed the code:
    response.Write("Hello all")
    in the body and yet when I try and view it in my browser from the folder in my wwwroot/htdocs it just displays all of the code including the <%Language="VBSCRIPT"%> etc,... not the html itself. All tags are closed.

    I thought maybe I didn't have the right extension so I tried .asp, .aspx and .html just to be safe and no go. I then thought it may be my browser since I use Opera (the only browser, lol, jk) and it has a tendency to not display a very few things right, so I tried FF and no go and then I tried IE since ASP is Microsoft and it didn't display anything at all.

    My IIS service is started. I thought maybe it could be that it is Windows 7, but IIS is Microsoft and I would think it would have focused on it's own services before any other bugs. I doubt that's the problem.

    I uploaded the page to my free host at byethost and it didn't work, but I am not surprised as from what I have heard less than half of the hosts on the net actually support ASP.

    Can soemone please tell me what I doing wrong or what I can do. I can't really keep learning if I have no where to test my code. Thanx.

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    Make sure the asp is added in the Handler Mapping in IIS.
    Prashant T.

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    Alright thank you, I appreciate your respone, I swill start looking for Handler Mapping now.

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    It's says asp is enabled.

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