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    Scripts For Sale / Gossamer

    I purchased some of the scripts from Gossamer-Threads about a year ago and then never used them for their intended purpose. I am now looking to sell them.

    The price I have listed is what I paid for them followed by what I am looking for. I will however take any reasonable offer.

    Two Scripts are Full Licenses

    DBManSQL $350 / $210 or best offer.

    Two others I purchased a 30% discount and are intended for non-profit sites.

    LinksSQL $315 / $189 or best offer.
    GossamerMail $455
    with/ POP Server Plugin $350
    Gossamer Mail with Plugin $483 or best offer.

    All the details on these products can be found at the Gossamer-Threads website.

    Please leave me a PM if interested.


    Gustave Dahl

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    I purchased one of the scripts he had for sale last week.

    Just to let everyone know, Gustave was VERY helpful and prompt with delivery, installation and instructions. I would not hesitate to purchase any other script from him.


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