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    Can anyone confirm if ultrahosting com has stopped selling dedicated servers?

    on their website they are only advertising vps packages for sale now,


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    Site shows only VPS and colo.

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    Looks like they did.

    It's sad for customers but good for us, it looked like a promising canadian server provider. :-)
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    I guess the recession claimed another dedicated server provider,, too bad for ultrahosting they had some good deals on servers while they were still in business.

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    Wonder if they are still providing the current clients with servers and its just new orders they arn't doing?
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    Why not just give them a call??

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaotix View Post
    Why not just give them a call??
    Probably would get the best answer directly from them.

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    VPS and colo i see
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    Just ring or email them, no point starting a thread here unless you want to grab their attention through this post (somehow)

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    As noticed by many of you, we here at UltraHosting have made a change to our product offerings this last week.
    Due to the success of our VPS business we have removed our dedicated server plans from our web page and have focused our marketing on powerful Virtual Private Servers. This will not impact any of our current dedicated server customers as we will still be offering the same high level of support and upgrading/adding systems when required. We will also facilitate our VPS customers moving from Virtual to Dedicated should they outgrow their VPS.We do recognize that all our customers are to be thanked for our success and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure satisfaction.

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via livechat or [email protected]
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