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    Cheap Traffic... Is it worth it?

    Hi WHT members,

    Yesterday I submitted my site manually to all major search engines and posted my link on a few forums and directories. I checked this morning and my websites on Bing, and I've got 3 sub pages on google (however my index page hasn't yet been submitted). Although I'm not yet on yahoo, and other search engines though. Does it normally take longer to get submitted to these search engines?

    I was also wondering whether anyone had ever had any success with these big numbered traffic programs. I found a site called BringVisitor who claim to deliver 24500-35000 unique hits from real people in 7 days using full size pop-ups, pop-unders and expired URL's for only $9.99. Has anyone ever used this company or something similar before? It sounds to good to be true, but they also say all of these unique hits will be real people and viewable on Google Analytics. To make a profit from a campaign like this I'd only need 2 or 3 of the 24500-35000 visitors to sign up for my cheapest hosting. Even if they don't sign up surely it would be helpful for my alexa rank and search engines rank. They also claim each view will last at least 20 seconds. Do you think something like this should be considered?
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    Ben Read - HostinGator

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    Hey Ben,

    I would stay clear of those websites promising large amounts of traffic. I recall a member on WHT was selling the same service and after a 15 page thread, nobody would truly determine if the traffic was 100% legit.

    Feel free to try it but I can guarantee you won't get a single client from that...

    Those websites are good for one thing. Padding your stats when selling advertising, etc.

    Your Search Engine submissions seem to be on track! I'd stick with that method of getting traffic.

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    The traffic is usually a result of botnet or some other kind of malicious traffic.
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    Those kinds of huge and cheap traffic won't help u any good. Come fast and leave fast, also make others suspicuos of u a spammer.Watch out!!

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    There are many autosurf i tried in search for such traffic....
    but they are not really worth a dime !!
    infact they only eat up your bandwidth !!

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    Its junk. I had some affiliates sending me some cheap exchange traffic and it was worthless. Not a single one clicked past the first page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbbrock1 View Post
    Its junk. I had some affiliates sending me some cheap exchange traffic and it was worthless. Not a single one clicked past the first page.
    Yh u r correct.. me too getting many visitors of bounce rate 100%... actually its devaluating the bounce rate.. and worried it may effect on ranking

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    Yeah, usually cheap traffic = useless traffic.

    Only use such a service when it has been recommended by people you trust.
    such as

    At least, with traffic, it cant 'harm' your site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekin View Post
    The traffic is usually a result of botnet or some other kind of malicious traffic.
    Exactly! That is why I stay away from places like that. The best way to increase traffic is the old fashion way, haha. Try SEO methods and just keep plugging away. You will obtain more traffic, have faith! Best of luck!
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    Cheers for all the advice
    █ Regards,
    Ben Read - HostinGator

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    We have tried a few of these 'mass traffic' sites. We found that most of them generated traffic by pop-ups on sites, which are of course instantly blocked by nearly all browsers, and also loading our site within invisible HTML iFrame's.

    Personally we found the method a totally waste of money for traffic generation, just my 2 cents :-)
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    Stay clear of cheap could cost you dear at the other end.

    Life's what you make it.

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    Watch, you'll get 35k visitors for that 7 days but it will go back to where it was with no increase after that 7 day period. And no one looks at the websites that they visit, they get paid a few cents a click but they just wait till the 30 seconds is up most of the time. I would spend more time looking into getting your traffic targeted, good luck.

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    I would avoid the cheap traffic.

    The best way to get traffic is earn it, whoever you communicate with tell them, post where whenever you can and keep updating your site.

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    When I was doing internet ads, yes, I earned quite a lot with such cheap traffic. It did work. But now I'm learning to promote a site, I'm not sure how it would work. I'll try and see and then come back to tell you. Anyway, $9.99 is not much and maybe I could get it back from my ads. soon.

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    Targeted traffic is better. I'd rather have 100 hits that convert into customers than 10,000 hits of tire kickers.

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    Ok, you get what you pay for. Basicly really cheap traffic will never see your page because it's bots. Look for traffic that's targeted. If the traffic provider can't give every single ip address he sent to your web page then beware. If the traffic is high quality you can expect about a 1% conversion rate and a boost in your Alexa rank.

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    Oh, nearly forget to come back to you, guys!
    I tried a small package of $9.99 . Just as I've imagined, perfect for ads. But if you would like to make some sales, it seems quite difficult. Anyway, I'm getting more money back from ads. Thanks, Ben, for telling me such a good source of cheap traffic.

    Besides, I feel quite strange. Do you guys know how to tell bot from real traffic? Just use Google Analytics, it's easy! Don't just sit and talk.

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    Logically speaking, the more traffic u get the better, however, it is not always the case. Those kinds of cheap traffic are actually of no use to the real devcelopment of the website.

    And once Googel dectect u, G will underestimate u which is harmful for u in the long term.

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    Depending on what kinds of business ur websites are in, the key factor leading to SEO success varies. Those websites promising large amounts of traffic could be helpful or could be a waste of money and even do harm to ur sites, detemined on whether the service providers are using Black Hat or White Hat SEO.

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    SEO has nothing whasoever to do with traffic. If you get it right you might get traffic from search engine queries but thats not search engine postioning. It's a result and search engine optimisisation is what you do to get positioned in the search engines to try and get the results you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basher65 View Post
    Yeah, usually cheap traffic = useless traffic.
    True, the traffic provided in that kind of serivice is useless because they may just come and go, won't add any value to your site. Maybe the only satisfaction of a fake high traffic.

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