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    .net on an apache server?

    I need to learn DotNetNuke but run a mac/apache setup

    Is there anything I can use to 'bridge the gap' so to say and run .net on my mac?

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    Install Mono, I think that could work. Here it is: It has a fancy little apple, so I assume it work work, though I never tried it myself on my mac.

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    Your options are:

    A) Make things hard for yourself.

    B) Get a copy of Windows (in a VM or on a PC).

    I'd also use IIS if you want to run stuff. If you have to run Apache, you can proxy pass the virtual host or URL.

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    Save yourself all the headaches and just use Windows and IIS.

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    you have to use windows for DNN.

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    You have these options:

    a) Just try Mono and see where it goes

    b) Follow TowerOfPower, run an unnecessary VM, which would cost you a couple of hundred bucks for a Windows License, and you would need to learn all about IIS, etc.

    c) Use PHP-Nuke

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    How about this: Sign up and pay $19.00 for a Softlayer cloud account.
    Make and delete instances as pay by the hour for cpu and bandwidth.

    I am a firm believer in Books. I don't buy books..not in the normal fashion:

    Sign up for a free trial and take it for a spin.

    >>Sign up through this:

    I didn't find this when I was ready to signup..and had to cancel my trial and sign up straight to use the coupon code I found.

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