Hi Folks,

I am seeking employment to compliment my current part-time System/Security Administration job.

My qualifications include over 3 years of work experience, and going on 7 years of user-related experience.

My core skills include, but are not limited, to the following:

Linux (various distributions),
FreeBSD, OpenBSD
Unix networking
Internet System services (DNS, SMTP, MySQL, Apache, FTPD, etc)
Security (Intrusion Detection, firewalls, extended security patches, assessment (nmap, nessus, et al), etc) + Keeping up to date on latest vulnerabilities
x86-based (PC) hardware (including scsi, RAID / Fibre channel setups)
CPanel web hosting control panel

I am also familiar with, but not limited to:

Windows NT (4.x & 2000)
Network troubleshooting
BSDi, Digital Unix (tru64)
Solaris and sun hardware
Cisco routers / Cisco IOS
Internet Protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, etc)
Networking hardware
Load Balancing

The above is just meant to cover the bases, as my experience covers a lot more ground.

I am aiming for a telecommute position, but any companies located in the Northwest (ie. Oregon/Washington) USA are feasible to work on location.

As stated earlier, I do work part-time currently and wish to keep that position, however it wouldn't be much of a problem to work full-time in addition to my current job as I am used to working long hours from previous experience

I am also available to work in a temporary, contract-like position if you only have a handfull of servers, etc.

My rates are the following, but can be negiotiated depending on guartunteed hours (locked in at a certain hours per month).

$20/hour if you can guaruntee a minimum of 40 hours per month.

$25/hour for anything less than 40

If you require any references, I can provide plenty.

I prefer to be contacted via PM, however I also can be reached via email at [email protected]

Thanks for reading!