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    Hiya WHT, I was told UK2 has 4 data centers in London. What one would you go with ?


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    Well the best would be to contact itself for the more information. They should provide you all the info regarding their DCs

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    I would imagine it depends more on what each datacenter offers. Have you contacted them?

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    ok guys, don't reply if your replies are going to be contact them, I am asking for opinions that know about there data centers and can use your personal experience to help me.

    Not "contact them"

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    It is a fair question. We are launching one more pretty large DC in Q4 this year, and I'd love to tell you about it.
    And yes, if you'd like to hear more about our DC's it might actually make sense to ask us

    Feel free to contact me directly, add me to your msn etc (details in my profile).

    Ditlev Bredahl. CEO, & + &

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