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    Using Swap Space

    I have 8gb of ram but still the processes are running a bit slow on the system..
    I have swap space of 5gb but on looking at the top command it seems that swap space used is 0..

    How can tell the system to make use of swap..

    Its Centos 5

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    Swap is space on the drive, which is slower than RAM. When you are using swap it means there's not enough RAM available.

    Chances are your processor is slow or you have disk I/O issues.
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    To verify the swap is activated or not check with this command,

    #free -m
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    its working..
    free -m shows the swap..

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    Depends on the App you're running and how it's configured. Maybe you need some tweaking? Maybe it's the connection?
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    so i dont have to change some settings??

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    check out the number connections on port 80

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