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    Install 3ware 9550SX

    I feel stupid asking but I haven't done this before. Better to ask and maybe help someone else.

    I have an Intel dual core loaded with RAM and I want to install a 3ware 9550SX SATA controller, but I cannot find the BIOS installation docs anywhere. In the past when I have loaded the OS (CentOS-x) I just installed the OS. The card was already installed.

    Do I need to setup the 3ware BIOS? Or does CentOS do it? When I go in it asks questions like sector size (that I want at 16k for audio streaming performance), queueing, etc. The WD 5000AACS HDD's support NCQ. But Boot Volume Size? The drives are 500GB each and I want a TB (roughly 933GB).

    The 3ware (now LSI) web site doesn't seem to have to docs and I have looked and looked.

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    havent you seen the post screen where u can hit "alt-3"

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    Where else would I see that it wants me to set the Boot Volume Size, NCQ, and block size?

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    I would be happy to help you.

    At boot-up press ALT-3 as you have. Boot Volume Size is optional. So are array name, drive caching and driving queueing. If you have a stable system go ahead and enable drive caching but now that if you have a failure you may lose data withoiut the battery backup option. Any smart host does backups! Set your block sizes for 64k -- not 16k as those on Google will tell you. If your drives support Native Command Queueing (NCQ) enable it. The Western Digital Caviars support NCQ. Save the RAID configuration and reboot.

    3ware is now part of LSI but their web site is currently active.
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