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  1. * Better than hostgator?

    I keep hitting the limits on my hostgator reseller account due to bandwidth.

    Is there a resller deal out there that does multi IP's and unlimited bandwidth that anyone might recommend?

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    Just to point out UNLIMITED is never Unlimited. There are always limitations.

    Can I ask, How much Bandwidth you currently consume with HG?

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    Stay away from the web hosting service providers which are trying to offer you some unlimited things in connection to the space and bandwidth
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    The multi IP part shouldn't be too big of a problem, just the unlimited bandwidth would be a problem. Depending on how much bandwidth you use, you can try looking around the reseller forum or opt to jump to a VPS if you think you're ready.
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    Just be careful on the unlimited plans as mentioned and check the offers forum. There are plenty of reputable hosts that offer substantial amounts of bandwidth for competitive pricing.

    Best of luck.
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  6. I am already at 14GB for the moneth and I believe HG has a 30GB limnit

    I want to have the benefit of multiple IP's for G reasons of course but I don't want the bigger cost of SEO hosting specific offers.

    One domain of my 14GB is using 12GB of the 14GB so I probably will end up moving that onto a single "unlimited" account or at least something with more quota but I would rather have a WHM package with Cpanel etc that can handle a bigger bandwidth limit...

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    What are you talking about? HostGator is not giving unlimited bandwidth with reseller account!

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    HostGators smallest reseller package has 250GB transfer, so I doubt you are going to go over your limit. Are you sure it's not the package you've created in WHM that has 30GB?

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    Check with the host company what the unlimited plan really is.There always a threshold on their unlimited.Find out whether that affects you.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by GeekSRV View Post
    HostGators smallest reseller package has 250GB transfer, so I doubt you are going to go over your limit. Are you sure it's not the package you've created in WHM that has 30GB?

    I never could get a hold on those zeros

    Bandwidth: 165000 / 250000

    Is what I am actually at now

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    You are using 165GB of 250GB

    Perhaps just move up to the Copper package?

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    Just upgrade the package if you are satisfied with everything else there. Seems you are satisfied with them other than this bandwidth problem. Unlimited hosting may not be a solution for you. If you use bandwidth excessively there also you will hit the hidden limits. So it is not wise to switch a host with a satisfactory service and select an unlimited one.

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