Let my say that I'm now after about one month research.

Good prices, many options, care about resellers, have good forum.
But they Hsphere are not reliable, anytime's reseller may suffer from many bugs.
Hsphere updates and bug fixes are tested 50% on resellers.
In billings they used Hsphere and sometimes reseller gets strange prices.

Best Linux hosting providers, because price, technology, support, stability.
They offer best in industry *********** CP and also CPanel.
They also have Ensim, Plesk and other hosts.
In future they will host ASP.NET and ColdFusion MX.
The web site is very informative and they forum are huge.

Still not working because gateway problems
They appear to bee good eNom domains reseller.
And have Ensim ASP.NET hosts with good prices.
About stability wee see in future, but what reseller wants to by tested?

Stable, reliable, expensive: ASP.NET and Linux hosting providers.

Stable, reliable, expensive: ASP.NET and Linux hosting providers.

This info is for resellers who interested in ASP.NET.
Do not waste more time, good luck to you all!

ASP.NET Developer
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