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    * :: NGH.IN :: 63rd Indian Independence Day Spl. TWENTY4TEN (T4T) Web Hosting Offer

    New Generation Hosting is a privately owned web hosting company established in 2005. Since then our primary priority has been to provide best services to our clients with the best customer support that money can buy at the lowest possible prices without the need for yearly contracts or overselling. We believe in Customer Satisfaction and their trust in our company is the most valuable asset for us.

    New Generation Hosting proudly celebrates 15th August, 2009, the commemoration of 62 Years of Indian Independence by offering 20 Months of Web Hosting for the price of just 10 Months* which works out to just 75 cents per month for the starter plan.

    Please use the coupon INDEPENDENCE to avail this offer.

    Coupon valid till 15-08-09 23:59:59 Hrs IST on all orders in Annual Billing period.

    Pre-sales Questions

    Q. How long have you been in business?
    A. We have been providing web hosting services since 2005.

    Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?
    A. We have a 30 Day money back guarantee!

    Q. What's your up time guarantee?
    A. We have a 99.9%+ Up time guarantee.

    Q. What methods do you accept for payment?
    A. Currently we accept payments made via Paypal and ICICI EFTs and Credit Card Processing through PayPal - VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, VISA/MC debit cards.

    Q. What are the DNS servers for your hosting?
    A. They will be emailed to you after you signup. You can choose your Custom Name servers of your choice.

    Q. Can I upgrade or downgrade my account?
    A. Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade your account anytime you like, just contact us.

    Q. If I go over my bandwidth limit for the month, what happens?
    A. If you use up your amount of bandwidth, we will notify you to either upgrade or we can stop your service.

    Q. Are you a Reseller?
    A. No, we're not a reseller, we have full root access to and manage our own servers.

    Q. Will you place any ads on my site?
    A. We will NOT place any ads on your site.

    Q. Do you allow sites to advertise for money, on their web site?
    A. Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements.

    Q. Do you offer shell access?
    A. Yes we provide shell access on request.

    Q: Who is your ISP?
    A: We're currently running BGP4 (border gateway routing protocol) with various ISPs to maintain the speed and up time. If one backbone line goes down, it will balance the load to the others. If one line gets congested, it will load balance the traffic. Our servers are housed in Clifton, NJ and AtlantaNAP, Georgia.

    Q. Can I host friends?
    A. Yes, you may host your friends.

    Q. How long does it take to setup my account?
    A. Your account will be setup within 24hrs but usually much shorter and your account info will be emailed to you.

    Q. Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?
    A. No.

    Q: How can I view my site when my domain is still propagating?
    A: You'll be given the link in your welcome email after sign up.

    Q: Do you allow Adult Content?
    A: Yes, we allow legal adult content on our hosting services.

    Q. How do I connect to my FTP server?
    A. You will need to connect to using your login info using a FTP Client such as CoreFTP

    Q. What are the mail servers?
    A. POP3 and SMTP will be

    Q. When using php or perl, I get errors related to permission denied could not open/read file, what is wrong?
    A. Make sure your scripts are writeable. Simply chmod 777 the file or change the file to read/write from your ftp client.

    Q. How long does it normally take for domains to use their new nameservers?
    A. 24-48 hours.

    Q. What is the path to my users files?
    A. The path is /home/username/public_html

    Q. How do I use PHP5?
    A. In order to run in php5, you can either rename your files to .php5 extension or add a .htaccess file in your folder with the line: AddType application/x-httpd-php5 .php5 .php

    Q. What is the local path to perl?
    A. The path to perl is /usr/bin/perl

    Q. What is the path to curl?
    A. The path to curl is /usr/bin/curl

    Q. What is the path to ImageMagick?
    A. The path to ImageMagick is /usr/bin/ or /usr/bin/mogrify or /usr/bin/convert

    Q. What is the path to NetPBM?
    A. The path to NetPBM is /usr/bin/ as all required files & binaries for NetPBM are located there.

    Q. What is the path to sendmail?
    A. The path to sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail

    Q. What is the path to FFMPEG and FFMPEG-PHP?
    A. The path to FFmpeg is /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg and yes we do support FFmpeg Hosting & FFmpeg-PHP.

    (Note: We support YouTube Clone Scripts!)

    Q. What is the path to MPlayer, Mencoder & FlvTool2?
    A. The paths are /usr/bin/mplayer , /usr/bin/mencoder and /usr/local/bin/flvtool2

    If you have any further questions or need a custom package created to fit your needs, then please submit a ticket to our Sales Department or contact us through Pre-Sales channel or by Instant Messaging handles mentioned above or by clicking on Live Help image above or PM me.

    Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

    *You are eligible for 10 Months of free hosting if you are from India. You are eligible for 5 Months of free hosting if you are from any other country. Valid on Shared and Reseller web hosting plans only. You are required to choose Annual Billing cycle and proceed with the order. Once your order is paid and setup, we will manually update the account validity. If you do not see the validity reflecting in 24 hours, please submit a ticket to Sales.
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