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    Quality Host Recommendation

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend any quality VPS provider?
    Haha, switching down from dedicated, it's starting to sting my wallet.


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    Just posted my review earlier, here.
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    I've always heard great things about SingleHop and places like that. I strongly suggest checking out WHT VPS section

    Once you know what company your leaning towards I would do a WHT search on that company along with a Google or Bing search. Each search engine will provide you with different results. Best of luck!
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    Can you elaborate a bit regarding your requirements/budget/platform/virtualization technology etc? This will help us in providing more targeted recommendations
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    Have you worked with a VPS platform before or did you upgrade to dedicated from a shared environment?
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    I'm looking for a windows vps, specs aren't important. But i need a fast connection to asia.

    I started out with dedicated, because of it high cost, i'm downgrading to vps.

    Thanks prompt help guy, really appreciate it.

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    If you need a fast connection to Asia, find a Windows provider located in west coast such as Los Angeles or Seattle.
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    Only windows vps on the west coast that I can think of off the top of my head is SteadCom (at least that I've had some experience with). I never had their windows VPS but I can't imagine their support/service would be any different then their linux (which was solid). They are in LA which I've found to have very good connections to Asia.

    I have a friend that is on Zipservers in Seattle and they seem happy there but I have no first hand experience with them.

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    Hi Mathelic,

    Have you searched the VPS offers forum? There are quite a number of reputable hosting offers over there.

    You might also note what sort of budget you're looking at.

    Best of luck in your VPS search.
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    ther're solar vps wiredtree and future host i use future host and u can also check just check for one of them

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    It would help if the thread title specified WINDOWS.
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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