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    Exclamation FTP Login Access Alert Script

    I have an VPS account and getting an "Alert" whenever someone tries to access root.

    Is there any scripts to alert me when someone tries to FTP to my accounts?

    Basically, I would like to get a reminder whenever there is an FTP access to the server.



    ALERT - Root Shell Login

    Time: Wed Aug 12 18:37:55 CDT 2009
    User: root root
    TTY: pts/0 pts/1

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    find out the script that's monitoring the root access, copy it, then edit it to monitor a different service.
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    You could simply scan /var/log/messages for FTP logins (and attempts) for your user name and then if one is found and it wasn't found previously send an email out. It's not something that would be terribly hard to script and if you pay a programmer $25 or $50 they could probably write it up for you pretty quick.
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    If you need something custom made - do the search for the programmer. If you need to have ready one I suppose that would be good idea to do the search on Hotscripts

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