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    Red face Moving from Media Temple

    I've been with Media Temple for about a month since we moved from a managed dedicated server. Ever since then I've been going through hell. Clients accounts are half working, we are stuck with Plesk and the killer: Ruby on Rails cannot be managed through Plesk.

    We are looking for a new dedicated or VPS host in Chicago or somewhere close to Ohio. We would like to use cPanel and WHM or have the ability to install it. Managed would be very nice but not necessary. We are more concerned with the price. $100 would be the max since we've spent over $600 in the last month giving clients free service and migrating to (mt).

    Thank you for your help.

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    If you need something in Chicago, I'd go with

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    Gigenet would be great, but I doubt you'll be able to find a server with cPanel for $100 with gigenet. You could try burstnet for that budget, it's pretty close to ohio (well, not really, but close enough ).
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    ok thanks. I just found and have been talking to them. They seem like the way to go. Thanks for the suggestions.

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    Your budget is realistic for your expectations, have a look around in the VPS Offers section and you should be able to find both managed and unmanaged providers that can offer you cPanel based virtual private servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cloix View Post
    ok thanks. I just found and have been talking to them. They seem like the way to go. Thanks for the suggestions.
    I've read lots of good things about ServInt lately. You should be good, be sure to come back and write a review.
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    ServInt is an excellent choice.

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    Hey don't forget your review here

    I hope they excellent to me too.

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