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    windows streaming media

    Hi there,

    I will buy a dedicated server,I want to know requirement.

    100 visitor will be watch 350 kbps video continiously

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    100 x 350 kbps + 100 x 10 kbps for safety + 400kbps for uploading the stream that's delivered to users = 36400 kbps or about 37mbps.

    So you'll need a server with 100mbps port, and if those 100 visitors are watching 24/7 video, you'll need at the end of the month about 12.2 TB

    100 mbps = 33 TB
    37 mbps = ?

    ? = 37 x 33 / 100 = 12.21

    In reality, you'll probably be fine with a server with about 6-10 TB of bandwidth, as I doubt those 100 visitors will be watching continuously or will be 100 at the same time 24/7

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    What kind of broadcast will you be streaming? Live events, pre-recorded?
    Dave Parish

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    I'm worried about CPU and RAM usage

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    Quote Originally Posted by mfatih View Post

    I'm worried about CPU and RAM usage
    CPU and RAM are barley used with streaming (yes, video uses more than audio, but it still doesn't use much). All you need to worry about is bandwidth.

    I would go with a Core2Duo or a dual core just to be safe, even though I think a P4 could handle it fine.
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