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    Smile Logo Image Replacement and Image Cleaning

    I have the following logo from a purchased template: (psd of an entire page so you can extract the grass without the other dog)

    The dog in the photo needs to be replaced with:

    Flash caused red eye in the above photo so here is one without red eye:

    The dog needs to be placed on the left hand side of the photo, but not be going of the edge as before. Also, we would like to add text on the right side of the image. We do not yet have the text, but something like "I love my dog Dixie and would do anything to keep her by my side." We will edit the psd for the correct text later as long as you enter that text.

    Project summary:
    1. Take the header image
    2. Change the dog picture (will require that you filter out the green screen so the grass can show through)
    3. Add the text above on the right
    4. Provide me with a psd file of only header.jpg (Should be the same size as header.jpg and contain at least a background layer, a layer with the new dog, and a layer for the text) and the file for the font you use

    Those interested please post a link to some previous work and a price.
    Payment is via Paypal.
    You may also post questions. I will check back for questions around 8pm EST and select someone by 10pm EST.
    Deadline is 6am EST Friday for the first proof (which should be the completed project since there is nothing to proof besides if you removed the green screen and put the dog on the background).
    I will request a proof prior to payment. (Proof may be watermarked.)
    If you finish early, I will pay early.
    Video and Website Services
    Klingman Design, LLC

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    PM sent
    Thank you,
    Jeremy Shepherd
    Illustration and Website Design

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    This job has been given away.
    Video and Website Services
    Klingman Design, LLC

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