I hope I'm posting this in the correct section.

I have a current website that is installed using joomla in the root directory. I have now installed a new site, using drupal, in a sub directory. I need the both to play together

More detail:

So the content on the joomla site is accessed using as such "mydomain.com/content/view/5212". the last 4 digits can be changed to any set of numbers for different articles. There are a total of about 9000 articles for which I want the URLs preserved as they have been indexed by google and many blogs link to them.

My new site, the drupal site is installed in a directory called www2. currently I am accessing the content using "mydomain.com/www2/story/030809/article-title".

So what I wanted was someway of setting up htaccess so that it does the following:
1. When a URL comes up with the string 'content/view' it forwards it shows articles from the joomla site
2. when any other type of URL comes through it forwards it to the drupal site, but removes the www2 from the URL.

I am sure this is possible and just need guidance...any help would be much appreciated.

PS I can't move joomla articles to drupal because the comments won't port and the urls will change.... if you need any clarification please ask.