For those looking to accept sensitive details from their web site, Spherious now offers their SpheriousGPGSuite.

Details are accepted through SSL, encrypted and emailed to you. You decrypt them on your computer.

This includes a windows front end for key generation and message decryption.

Find out more at or for Australians,

Many websites accept details over SSL but then insecurely email them. This is not fair to web site users/clients. Our suite allows you to cost effectively keep things secure.

Available with our Small Business Plan:
400 Mb Disk Space
6 GB Monthly Data Transfer

This plan also includes these great features:

- Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts
- Web Based Email
- Email Aliasing and Forwarding
- Email Autoresponders
- Spam Protection
- Procmail Virus Protection
- Front Page 2002 Extensions
- Server Side Includes
- PHP (mod and cgi versions)
- GnuPG Encryption
- CGI Capabilities
- Perl
- Domain Control Panel (Web control panel)
- User Control Panel
- Web Site Statistics (Webalizer)
- FTP account for each user
- SSH Access
- Form Mail
- Custom 404 Error Page
- SSL Secure Server
- MySQL Server
- PHPMyAdmin
- Mailing List Server(no spamming allowed)


Advanced NetTracker Web stats can also be added to this plan.