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    Google URL listing

    Not sure how to explain this, but how do you get your site to show in google like this.

    Is there a special way to do this?

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    I believe that's something to do with google groups.. google use it to track referers but I may be wrong!
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    Those are called SiteLinks and you can't do anything to automatically get them other than work on your SEO and become the authority site. Google assigns them to authority sites automatically.

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    That's what I was thinking. Thanks

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    From google webmaster:
    Sitelinks are links to a site's interior pages. Not all sites have sitelinks. Google generates these links automatically, but you can remove sitelinks you don't want.

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    im kinda lost here, SEO, I am using joomla and I would like to get my site recognised by google, any tips?

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    as said b4 its called SiteLinks u can do nothing and i was trying and doing my best to see my site indexed like that and finally now it showed like that in the google serch result i think waht i did is just followin google seo guidelines and finally it happened to my site
    its in arabic
    u can check it now

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