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    * Stay Away from 2CheckOut

    I would Like to share my experience with 2checkout

    I had a 2checkout account i had signed up and paid the $ 49 sign up fees and i started marketing product online they take 24 hours to verify an order you get a mail as passed or failed when i started getting orders stated delivering products to customers (web hosting and Domain Names) after my balance crossed $ 300 i was told to add my Banking Details After i added the details i got a risk form and required to pride id proofs of Myself which i provided after 24 hours i got a mail

    Due to excessive fraud on the account, it has been determined we can no longer allow you to sell using our services. You account has been closed. Please contact the undersigned to make any order refund or cancellations from the current sales, or to request any additional documentation.

    You may view our Operating Regulations here:

    Please note that all current balances will be held until the end of a 90 day period pending the release of your reserves, and to cover any refund or chargeback activity.

    We wish you future business success and we thank you for using our services.


    Sara Fox, MBA
    Risk Analysis & Investigations
    Protective Solutions Team, Inc. (2CO)
    Customer Tools:
    Phone: (877) 294-0273 (Toll-free US & Canada)
    (614) 921-2450
    0871 284 4844 (UK & Northern Ireland)
    Fax: (614) 921-2451 or (866) 921-2451 (Toll-free US & Canada)

    On mailing Them With My concerns

    I m selling Web Hosting and Domain Names.There is no physical product involved and all customers are acquired though online marketing you can check logs i have not done any fraud i have sent all my documentation is there some way i need to verify customer before i give them products please reply asap as Credit Card Payment is an important part of my business please let me know

    i get the following mail

    Most Esteemed Sir,

    It is most unfortunate, but I must unhappily insist that although you have done nothing wrong, we find that we simply cannot continue to accept your business. We will not be able to allow this account to be opened again, very sadly.

    I do wish you much success, but it will not, I am sorry to say, be with Our decision must stand.


    M Osborn

    When you claim to have Fraud Prevention and you agree that the vendor has not done anything wrong then why close the account i dont think such companies should be allowed to conduct business if i can say 2checkout did a fraud with me by taking my sign up fees and closing my account for no mistake of mine i had a balance of $ 2000 and the reply i got we will Release payment after getting adjusting charge backs and settlements after 90 days
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    Very bad checkout method .. For me i use Webopass, it take Credit cards, visa, CB, paypal, SMS, internet +, NeoSurf and taxed telephone and transfer products gains to you by a simple cheque that you receive on postal mail !

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    Sorry to hear about your problems, that sounds rough.

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    Don't worry...there are lot of alternatives!!!!!

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    Many, actually millions have no problems with 2CO, such a big company will always have customers which get a terrible experience due to a lack of support.

    Just look at PayPal, many like them and many don't....

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