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    Question Question about paypal's recurrent billing...

    I've never used paypal's recurrent billing before because I've never accepted paypal from my customers until recently. If I setup a customer to be billed $15/month recurring and this customer's CC declines or his/her payment fails for whatever reason... does paypal's system send me an email and notify me that this customer's payment declined that month?

    Or must I use paypal in conjunction with some form of billing software to accomplish this? I couldn't find the answer anywhere to this...


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    Yes i would say that you would get notice - web/shells/ircd/shoutcast hosting!
    Live Chat sales/support on website
    WHMCS billing system and client login We care about everyone!

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    we've had that plenty of times, they'll just tell you the subscription payment failed and it'll retry in a few days. but if it does fail the first time I'd recommend contacting the client to correct it.

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