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    Exclamation Content Management!! Aghgh!?!

    I'm in desperate need of a cutting edge, simple, WYSIWYG browser based CMS solution. Right now, for HostCompare I'm using FrontPage and its been very limiting. I want all visitors to be able to come and visually change pages on, and add pages and then I have the ability to review their changes and approve or disapprove.

    Is there any good software that does something like this? If someone can recommend something that'd be great, or if they can set me up with this kind of software and then host, I will provide you with free unlimited promotion on the site. Let me know.

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    It's open source, ASP based, WYSIWYG editor(in IE 5 or >), uses simple DB backend, has 3 user levels, has built in list server and image DB, even has a blog/news plugin.

    Best of all, I wrote it!

    Ir's in heavy use at
    Nik Martin
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