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    I need a new logo for Food related website!

    My wife and I run a local blog where we rate restaurants around the Austin, TX area ( As you can see, the site is pretty plain and is in need of some CSS work as well as a new logo. However, at this time we cannot spend the kind of money needed to do a full design, so we will just settle for a logo. (This is just a side hobby and we do not receive any income from the site).

    As you can see, the header area is quite large and is in need of a large colorful header logo. We need it to be professional yet snazzy yet playful. Ideally, it would incorporate something Austin-y (like a skyline) or something food related...

    Please let me know if you are interested in taking on this task and how much you will charge. Our budget is < $30. Also include links to your portfolio. If you could send some mockups of a logo for us, that would be a huge plus!

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    You have a PM.


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    PM sent look forward to hearing from you.

    Jeremy Shepherd
    Illustration and Website Design

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    Hi there,

    I've dropped a PM over and will look forward to working alongside you and your partner to get your brand off the ground

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    Cool RE:I need a new logo for Food related website!

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    hello there ive taken the liberty of making a mock up design
    for your logo. please leave your email in this thread so i can send it to you thanks

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    email sent>

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