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    SmartClient for PHP


    We are releasing a new project called SmartClientPHP ( SmartClient for PHP ) under LGPL license.

    It is designed to help PHP programmers that use "SmartClient Ajax Ria System", allowing them to write SC code faster and making sure that your application will keep working, even if a new SmartClient version is out.

    There are two versions, one for ZendFramework and other for PHP/other frameworks.

    If you haven't used SmartClient yet, check the different components that comes with it or a demo application.

    This is the first release, so feedback is welcome

    If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask at our forums.

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    article explaining full PHP integration

    Sorry to rain on the parade, but this project uses the approach of having PHP server code that outputs SmartClient JavaScript. Isomorphic (creators of SmartClient) doesn't recommend this approach because:

    1. it provides access to only a tiny subset of the SmartClient API

    2. it's slower (introduces needless server processing)

    3. we feel that code written directly in the object-oriented JavaScript style provided by SmartClient is clearer and more expressive

    As far as server integration, on the SmartClient public wiki there is now a series of articles showing how to build PHP server code for RestDataSource that supports full CRUD, including AdvancedCriteria and transactional commits to a database (using the RedBean PHP library).

    This can be found at, under Third Party Integration -> PHP Integration

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