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    need advice: launching with dedicated vs cloud

    Hi everyone,

    My company is close to rolling out a new search engine with some really cool features. We're preparing for a PR campaign, and are wondering whether we should be worried about the dedicated server the site is on not being enough. We figure if just a few popular sites/media outlets pick up our press release, we may have a torrent of traffic flooding us, and we definitely don't want to crash right at the beginning. So we're wondering whether we should spend the extra money to start off with Mosso. This way, we know we're covered whatever traffic comes in, and then we can move it to our dedicated server/servers as needed (we don't want to go with Mosso long-term, too many negative reviews). The problem is that Mosso has been having its own performance problems, so the potential for trouble/negative impression is there in any case.

    Here are some specs:

    Server: quad core, 4 GB ram, 100MBPS dedicated unmetered bw

    site: the landing page is 358 kb. subsequent visits only 3kb with the rest in cache. Once a search is initiated, the search result page is 327kb, with subsequent searches only 90 kb.

    What do you think? Should we be worried, or should the server be able to handle any traffic likely to come our way?


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    Well cloud is defiantly worth the money if you think that the sites going to be a massive "hit".
    The server is decent spec but probably wouldn't handle a large amount of visitors at the same time.
    If you can afford a cloud service I would go for it.
    Or even look at your own load balanced group of servers.
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    The server should be okay, though the pages do seem a bit heavy if you ask me, are there lots of images or is there just a lot of content on them?

    Disk I/O may also be pretty important depending how big your database is.
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    Woops! I forgot to mention that there is NO database! The search results are all served through an api. So that should make my threshold a lot higher, right?

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    It will give you a lot more room to work with, though you will still need to optimize your webserver so it doesn't slow down when there are too many requests.
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    You didn't write anything about your hard drives. SSD's will obviously help a lot. Replace Apache with LiteSpeed / nginx or something similar and you should have a fairly good system.
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    Duh, I'm not sure where my head is today. I also forgot to mention that this is a .NET site running on Windows Server 2003. I'm actually not sure about the hard drive specs, have to check that.

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    Have you done a test drive of the site? just to see if it can handle the PR campaign you are ready to start.

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    I recommend you go with a cloud approach with a quality tier-1 (non-reseller) provider. We expect to put our web layer on the cloud and the application layer on a cluster. I commend you for pursuing search technology. The cost to be truly competitive has made these types of ventures cost-prohibitive for small companies (and because Google is about to launch the Caffeine architecture which is just another step towards search domination IMO). But without new ideas driving competition, technology as a whole grows stale. So good luck to you!

    I'm not against resellers as they're great for sandboxes and so forth, just not for production applications (given the number of resellers who go belly up because they didn't pay their bill). You pay your bill, you won't get shut down because someone else didn't. Unless the DC forgot to pay their electric bill. : )
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    I would go with the cloud or atleast have a the cloud as a backup during the launch. Setup a VPS in the cloud that takes over if your dedi goes down.

    You could check if you don't want mosso.

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