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    BurstNET: BIG BIG Thumbs up!

    I've been using BurstNET for quite sometime now, first through a reseller, and then the server was transferred directly to them.

    Price is especially great with BurstNET. While BurstNET does not offer free KVM over IP, remote reboot, or super eye candy website, or other "NuMedia" stuff, they excel greatly in customer service and support.

    Despite clearly having low end pricing, they excel in customer service greatly with very good response times despite the time of the day, or day of the week, quite fast response always.

    During the last 24hours a server went down consecutively, i was hunching a hardware error with it, and they proactively fixed some kernel issues. Server went down again, one more reboot and few hours after it went down again. I asked to restart it, and if possible check for hardware errors.

    They noticed the server keeps powering down and replied they will replace the PSU if it powers down once more, and within 15minutes new message "PSU has been replaced", so i guess they were monitoring it's situation and it powered down once again.

    I am a very happy long time customer of BurstNET
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    This just adds to the load of positive reviews I have read about BuretNET.

    I am glade to hear you're happy with them! Keep us informed over the months of how things are working out.
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    Can you add websites you hosted with them?

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    Always great to read the happy customers reviews. Thanks for sharing your experience with the community.
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    522 is one website which was hosted there, but has been moved now to NL (target demo is FI afterall so US wasn't good)
    I can't remember outright now what all websites there is running.

    The server had subsequent hardware failures, it was overheating, they replaced proactively the CPU heatsink
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    24 hours downtime? uhmm.. that's quite a lot. So your PSU was defective then?
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    I'm pleased to see BurstNET has been turned around. Thank you for the wonderful review and please keep us updated! Best of luck to you!
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    No, the past 24h was not completely downtime, while a lot of it was. You know, server has to boot up before it can crash ;P
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    I was looking at the servers, their prices are very reasonable.

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    Their services are great and the new servers and their price's are even better.

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    Thanks for sharing your good experiences with them. As a long term customers your review has great value. Keep us updated again after a couple of months.

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