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    what is th ip that php used in server


    when i using php to get content from other site it get content using on of my server ip
    but this ip is not the main ip of server
    and not the ip that used for domains in apache config file

    i get this ip by this way

    PHP Code:
    echo file_get_contents(''); 
    i want to change this ip to make it the same of main server ip used

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    i get this ip listed in

    DNS Functions > Add an A Entry for your Hostname

    when i change it i get this message
    A Entry added for with address: <new ip>

    but when i returned i get the old ip !!

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    DNS changes are not updated instantly, it may take a few hours.
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    Yes, give it some time. Generally your site may work in as few as 4 hours, but the average waiting time is 24-72 hours for prorogation through the network.
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    it still work with old ip

    every time i change ip from

    DNS Functions > Add an A Entry for your Hostname

    i get successful message
    but when i return i get it using the same ip
    how can i change it from ssh

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