We are proud to announce the release of WHMCS, AWBS, and MB auto singon from cPanel interface. It is exclusively on RVSkin cPanel.

3rdparty application integration will allow users to automatically login directly from RVSkin to their application account without typing a username and password! Our system doesn't change your existing application setup in any way. We just enable user access from RVSkin themes to application automatically. Your clients are still able to access application from the application login page using their application username and password as usual. Changing the application password will not cause the RVSkin integration to fail and vice versa.

To activate the system go to WHM >> RVSkin Manager >> Integration >> 3rdparty integration system.

RVSkin come with a lot of addon features for CPanel server, a great experience for you, reseller, and clients! Here is the latest features.

Disable main FTP access

If your end-user account frequently get exploited because the client PC is compromised. Stop main account FTP access here will be a very useful feature.

Here is the screenshot: http://www.rvskin.com/features/framePopup.php?pageId=48

Subversion and Trac integration for cPanel server.

You are now able to provide Subversion version control system and have it work
with Trac (http://trac.edgewall.org/), the project manager for software
development projects on shared hosting accounts. SVN Repository will
keep separately on its own home directory
(/home/{userName}/rvsubversion/repository where {userName} is the
end-user cPanel user name). Our integration works on both apache1.x and apache2.x and compatible
with cPanel 11.x which compile apache using EA3.

Here is the screenshot: http://www.rvskin.com/features/framePopup.php?pageId=28

WebMail Feature Manager

Don't want webmail user change their password? Here, You can make it easier. Features displaying on the webmail interface can be configured per email account. You can configure webmail interface to display a few features for general email accounts and display most of the features for advanced email accounts.

Here is the screenshot: http://www.rvskin.com/features/framePopup.php?pageId=8

Full features list is here:

Feature comparison is here:

Demo is here: