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    Is there a way to set an automatic restart time?

    I'm hosting a private server on my VPS, but for some reason, every few hours all the NPC's and monsters in-game disappear, and the only way to fix it is by restarting the VPS/server files.

    I'm curious, is there a way to set an automatic restart time? So every hour/2 hours, the VPS restarted automatically, and opened up the 3 files/1 program I need for the server?

    The three files are .exe's, so I'm sure I could set it in start-up programs, but the other one is XAMPP, which doesn't automatically start with Apachi running. Is there a way to set XAMPP so as soon as it opens up, Apachi starts running without clicking "Start"?

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    When installing XAMPP you should be able to set it to install Apache and MySQL as services. I assume you didn't so fire up the XAMPP control panel and click on the Service button at the top. From there you can setup the services you want to install.

    As far as rebooting every few hours (while that most likely isn't the best solution) you could set a scheduled task to run every other hour and have it execute a .bat file with something like:

    shutdown -r
    which would shut down and restart the machine.
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