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    VPS vs Hybrid VPS

    What is the major difference b/w a regular vps and a hybrid vps besides the allocated memory? I also see that most companies out there have over 1000GB of bandwidth for the hybrids. Will most people use up that much bandwidth in a month?

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    Hybrids typically are on more powerful nodes and also with less VPS per NODE allowing for more free burstable RAM and more RAM guaranteed.

    You should however email the company for full details.

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    Cirtex is spot on!

    You will also find bonus options such as one dedicated CPU core.

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    Hybrids typically have more dedicated resources allocated to them. However, this will depend on host. If you wish to share, which host are you in reference questioning? We may be able to help you determine exactly what their Hybrid offers over a regular VPS plan.
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    Using 1000 GB a month is a challenge for standard static website, but for website sharing big files, videos, mp3's and big eCommerce sites 1000GB can be reached in a month.

    For hybrids - I think this has more to do with providers configuring and marketing their VPS's in different ways. If you stick with "dedicated resources" rather than "burstable", "shared" or "percentages", you will be on the safe side. If your provider calls this "hybrid" - that's fine, but if your preferred provider promises you dedicated resources without calling it "hybrid" that is just fine as well.

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    The Hybrid Virtual private Server is a powerful webhosting package which has greater amount of resources compared to other virtual private server and with the flexibility greater than with shared hosting.
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    Hybrid VPS is nothing but a regular VPS with more server resources. We can also call Hybrid VPS as a Semi-Dedicated server. It's a new advertising tactics and gimmicks used by the hosting providers to boost the VPS sales. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    It is to some extent an alternative for Dedicated Server at an affordable price, particularly when the HOST provide dedicated Core(s) as part of their CPU power. It gives you few add-on like RAID-10 and Managed service included, which otherwise be costlier in case of Dedicated Server.
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    Thank you all for your valuable inputs. Seeing that I'm new to this whole vps stuff I'll be asking more questions to learn more about vps and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh-A View Post
    Hybrid VPS is nothing but a regular VPS with more server resources. We can also call Hybrid VPS as a Semi-Dedicated server. It's a new advertising tactics and gimmicks used by the hosting providers to boost the VPS sales.
    Actually thats a good explanation. Semi-dedicated is to shared what Hybrid is to vps.
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