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    Being realistic about clients

    I have a job during the day, and I have a small LLC that among other things provides webhosting services. I'm wondering, right now I have 3 clients, and I'm looking to get more. How many clients get to be difficult for one person to manage? I'm only offering shared hosting services on dedicated/VPS systems that I have. I just don't want to take on more than I can handle.

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    This question is a bit the same as : how many clients can i run on server X before its noticeably slower.

    How many clients you can handle depends on your skills but last and certainly not least the type of customers you have. To put it down with hard numbers is rather impossible, and i believe the results might differ from company to company.

    I know this is not the answer you are searching for; but i think you will notice when it gets to much; no sleep; no time for your usual job, and lot of coffee are the first signals

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    it all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it versus how much free time you want for yourself and any loved ones. Some people can live for support tickets whilst others don't.

    As with many things in this industry, it's all relative.
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    Yeah, I suppose it is relative to many things. I'm just trying to be careful that I don't take on too many people and get over my head with support requests. I've had the same customers for several years, and haven't had hardly any incidents. I just need to do better at marketing and signing a few more up.

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    Its not only about how many clients you have, but also how you manage the support.

    You will find it allot easier to do with a good support ticket system in place.

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    If you do take on more clients, ensure you keep your side of the bargain flawless by managing your business requirements in terms of server management and customer service or you will end up bogged down with support tickets.

    What you're realistically asking though is "how long is a peice of string?". Nobody can answer this because we don't know your current customers, we don't know your setup, we don't know what you're capable of.

    I think when you're about too take on too much work for you to handle, you'll know. But then what? Do you close the doors on your site and say 'out of stock' for everything?

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    If you are just doing hosting, the business tends to run itself. Design and coding take more time and support.

    Same boat here - full time job and an LLC. Luckily my full-time is flexible and I am on my laptop most of the time. I have over 200 hosting accounts and am actively seeking more (through natural signups or acquisition). I am fortunate enough to have the capitol to invest in an aggressive growth spurt.
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    Realistically, one can handle 500 customers without any trouble.

    I would say that is when it starts to become more of a full time job and when you will need to monitor your helpdesk constantly.
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    I think it also depends on where you see it going. Is this something that you want to go on quietly in the background while you focus on the other parts of your business or do you want to pursue this eventually full-time? Its probably best that you add clients slowly so that you can maintain the quality and when you feel it is getting harder to deal with then you can take a different approach like hiring another person.
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    If your only doing shared hosting you should be okay for awhile. If it gets to be to much then you would want to hire someone realizable on a 'per' ticket bases.

    You seem to already know that you do not want to get into VPS and Dedicated servers, yet. Great start! You know enough not to take on more then you can handle and as a result have other parts of your company or life suffer. I would keep focused on obtaining new clients and keep trace of who contacts you via e-mail for a month and that will help you see. For example if you have 50 clients and only 5 e-mails a month its not in your best interest to hire someone on a 'per' ticket bases but if you have 50 clients with 100 e-mails I strongly suggest finding someone because clients can get upset which will result in them finding a new provider. Best of luck to you.
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