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    I need buy virtuozzo and vps cpanel licenses

    Hello, I need to buy 10 licenses of Virtuozzo and 10 licenses of Cpanel vps to install them in my dedicated - datacenter. they have some option with good price?

    Month to month of course.


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    Your best bet is to contact your server provider for these licenses.

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    "External" licenses will cost definitely (most of the time) cost you much more then when you buy it from your Data Center. However, IF your data center cannot supply them, then you may have to look elsewhere I guess.

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    Exact, My present datacenter does not support these licenses. I will quote with the people who of reply my request.


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    Parallels agreements prohibit the lease of Virtuozzo licenses on external servers. You'll need to find a provider that can supply you with both the hardware and software in the same facility.

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    The only authorized external Parallels provider I know of is 4PSA...

    You can purchase the Virtuozzo license from them. Now, cPanel licenses you have a wide array of external providers if your datacenter cannot provide them. My personal favorite is
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