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Thread: Saving Money?

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    Saving Money?

    I have been paying attention to your forum for several weeks now and I am almost certain that a reseller program is what Iíve been needing. Any and all feedback will be appreciated. Keep in mind I am extremely new to this. My intentions are not to resell or to host.
    I recently have become comfortable with my web authoring to the point of creating multiple sites and Iím incurring a pretty hefty financial invoice each month. After paying attention to the discussions I do believe a reseller program could save me lots of money. As of now I am supporting 4 separate sites and working on a 5th, all are my own.
    With the Reseller 1000 plan for $13.95 / month that offers (and which Iíve read good reviews about) I can put all of my sites in one spot and only pay one time what Iím paying for each one now, is this right? Am I on the right track?

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    Yes you can host as many domains as the plans allow.. So you could take that 1000MB and make 10 100MB sites, 20 50MB sites etc. That will be the most cost effective way to host multiple sites.. Good luck!

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    Thanks OKIHost

    I really appreciate the input!! Now I'll hang around, pay attention and learn more. I mentioned I've read good reviews about Freestylehosting, the next thing that I have to learn is which hosting company to use there are just so many. Itís exhausting! Just when I think Iíve found the right plan a red flag goes upÖAny suggestions, letís say perhaps in the field of dummies for hosting terms, tutorials, what is, etcÖ.? I do not know what a Cpanel is or how to use one, I know what a file manager isÖso I need the basics. I am willing to learn.

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    I would just post your questions here as you have them. Most people are kind enough to answer them. Sometimes it is just the right thing to do to help people.

    As for cPanel (or maybe Plesk or Ensim) basically what these programs are is a graphic interface to administer your web hosting accounts. From these interfaces you can alter information about your accounts, add email accounts, etc.

    As for tutorials I don't know about too many but we have a couple picture tutorials on Plesk in the support section of our site:

    Check them out to see what a graphic interface (or more commonly known as a "control panel") looks like.

    If you need any help don't hesitate to ask.
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    You can try all the demos here:


    Basically what you need to do to upload your site is get an FTP program like www, and upload that way.

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