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    SmarterMail Woes

    Hey guys,

    Looking for some advice here. I have a Windows 2003 server - stats in my sig - running a vBulletin website and using SmarterMail.

    Either my MySQL configuration completely blows or it was a mistake trying to put a mail server on here that uses MySQL while running a vBulletin website that's 100% ran off mySQL? If I do anything that's the least bit intensive the entire server will grind to a complete halt and no one can get to the vBulletin site. It's embarrassing that I get tons of text messages asking if the site is down and I'm replying "No, sorry, I was trying to open a 2MB e-mail..."

    The weird part is that the RAM and CPU utilization does not spike to max or anything like that... I even had task manager open and watched the graphs as I told it to delete three 3MB e-mails and the CPU dropped to 1%, memory did not change at all, yet the webmail and vbulletin sites became completely unresponsive and unusable for about 2 solid minutes until it finished deleting the e-mails.

    Is it my MySQL conf that sucks?
    Do I need to change SmarterMail to not use MySQL?
    Do I need to move SmarterMail to another server entirely? I had absolutely no problems with hMailServer but I liked SmarterMail because of the bells and whistles. Should I just go back to hMailServer?
    Windows 2008 R2 SP1 x64
    Core2Quad Q9650; 8GB ddr2

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    I saw your Blog post and responded there as well. SmarterMail DOES NOT use MySQL! VBulletin does and forum software are often the cause for high database usage. If you like the bells and whistles in SmarterMail you might really enjoy SmarterMail 6.x which has a lot of new features including Microsoft Exchange Activesync etc... Hope this helps...

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    My blog post? I don't post in any blogs - can you link where you saw this? I know that there are other sites that RSS feed off of the technical & security section and feed their own blog off of the threads created here - maybe that's where you saw it?

    And you're entirely right - my bad. I saw my "mail" database and thought it was SmarterMail but it was infact HMail! Hrm, well that sucks because I thought that atleast made sense why the vBulletin site would grind to a halt when I do something "intensive" like delete a 3mb e-mail.
    Windows 2008 R2 SP1 x64
    Core2Quad Q9650; 8GB ddr2

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    It was an RSS feed from globalwebhostingtalk which came on my google alert.

    On a side note, I would use perfmon and monitor disk i/o. You might be hitting the limits of your disks but not the CPU etc..

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